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Cambodian Wild Vanilla

Vanilla Cambodia According to passed experiences of forest trekking and exploration, I have found some interesting orchid species called Vanilla . When we talk about vanilla it straightly mean to the species from Mexico and Madagascar , where the vanilla flavor for vanilla ice-cream came from. However, there are about 200 species of vanilla growing naturally in over the globe.  Surprisingly, in Cambodia there are more few of this spectacular orchid genus and the first ever found vanilla in the country has record during French colony and it is vanilla siamensis which is confirmed later by Dr. Dy Phon in 1968 and it was rediscover by many expert 1970 then once again 2013/2014. Then the second species of the kingdom has record by Mr Sok Vichea that the one he found is the known as the leafless vanilla- Vanilla aphyllum .  In recent years, Cambodian explorer have discovered the new vanilla for Cambodia either as named later as Vanilla atropogon or simply known the Dark Beard Hairy Vanil
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Shinta Mani wild orchid-Personal Orchid exploration Recorded

within few years work as a naturalist for Shinta Mani Wild at the area of Thmor Roung national Resort, I have discoverd nearly 100 hundred of orchid species appearing in the whole landscape. Bulbophyllum and Dendrobium are stand at the top genus those have many species comparing to other genus and the raise represent to Cymbidium, crepidium, Pholidota, Vanilla, Habenaria, liparis and many other. Below are the photo out of the field you may enjoy: Vanilla atropogon  @Song Det  Vanilla atropogon alba  @Song Det Vanilla aphyllum (leafless vanilla) @Song Det Trichotosia pulvinata @Song Det Trichiglottis retusa @Song Det Trixspermum centipeda @Song Det Sparthoglottis affinis @Song Det Smitinandia micrantha @Song Det Smitinandia helferi @Song Det Habenaria reninformis @Song Det  Tropidia curculigoides @Song Det  Robiquetia sparthulata @Song Det    Renanthera coccinia (the Scarlet's renanthera) @Song Det Popax elwesii    @Song Det     Pholidota imbricata (Overlapping pholidota) @Song De